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Sokol Blosser Evolution White No. 9

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A handcrafted blend of nine varieties, each bringing a layer of nuance and complexity to this unique wine. Extraordinarily food-friendly, especially with spicy foods and the hard to match flavors of ginger, cilantro, chile peppers, mint, and wasabi. Here is a description of each of the grapes. Riesling is the noble grape of Germany. Often called Johannisberg Riesling in California and Washington, it is officially White Riesling in Oregon. It is a cool weather grape which needs a long growing season to mature. Good Rieslings from Oregon often have a honey and pear fruit character. Pinot Gris is considered a mutation of Pinot Noir and is dark red rather than purple when ripe. Grown in northern Italy as Pinot Grigio and in Alsace and Burgundy as Pinot Gris, it is traditionally pressed as a white wine. Wine styles range from lean and fruity to rich and luscious. Good Pinot Gris has a tropical fruit character. Pinot Gris has become the major white wine of Oregon and the Oregon style combines the best of both extremes "" the good fruit and crisp acidity of the Italian style and the rich mouth feel of the Alsatian style. Muller-Thurgau is a first cousin to White Riesling and was bred by Hermann Muller who did his work in the Thurgau Valley in Switzerland in the late 19th century. The grape was named after him. Muller-Thurgau ripens early but needs a cool climate to grow well. Oregon's Willamette Valley is the perfect climate and the wine has floral aromas and flavors of jasmine, honeysuckle, orange blossoms and apricots. The Semillon is a sister grape to Sauvignon Blanc. Their traditional home is in Bordeaux and the Loire Valley in France. They are complementary and often blended together in these regions. Semillon has an herbaceous character, sometimes reminiscent of freshly mowed hay. Oregon Semillon comes from the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains where the long hot summers provide the ideal growing season for this warm weather grape. Gewurztraminer is a white grape that turns rosy pink when it matures. A Germanic variety, it is most produced in Alsace, in northeast France. Gewurztraminer has distinctive spicy and floral aromas "" an intriguing combination of grapefruit, nutmeg, peaches, and honey. Muscat grapes come in all colors from all parts of the world. What ties them together is their intense, distinctive aromas which, when made into wine, hit the wine drinker like a heady perfume. The wines can range from dry to sweet, but the intense perfume is always there. Pinot Blanc is the white counterpart of Pinot Noir and a mutation of the latter which has parented several well-known varieties. Burgundy, Alsace, and northern Italy are its traditional home. In Oregon, Pinot Blanc is produced without oak aging, and fruity notes of melon and green apple are characteristic. Sylvaner is another Germanic variety similar to Riesling but with more delicate, less intense flavor. It is not much grown outside of Germany and Sokol Blosser has only 10 vines "" all of which go into the Evolution blend. Chardonnay, the classic white grape of Burgundy, makes the single most popular varietal wine in the world. There is a very small percentage of Chardonnay in the Evolution blend and we include it out of respect for this noble grape.
Category White Wine
Country United States
Region Oregon
Brand Sokol Blosser
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Wine SpectatorHas the fresh, lively aroma of Muscat, which also runs through the soft, fruity flavors, echoing nectarine and melon on the lightly sweet finish. Drink now. 8,000 cases made.

Harvey Steiman, April 30, 2001