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About Reliance Wine

Reliance Wine and Liquor, Inc. believes that value is critical to all customers when buying a greatproduct. That is why we offer 21% off all wine in-store and online. We offer the freedom to choose in our 6,000 square foot Staten Island, New York store. Over 4,000 fantastic wines all in one place.

Reliance Wine and Liquor, Inc. celebrates the best wines in New York and has a strong foundation in the belief that fine wine is not something for only the wealthy. With featured wines each week, showcases wines that range from crisp Chardonnay to full-bodied chewy Pinot Noir. We have an appreciation for great wine and understand what goes into creating a finely crafted wine.

With over 35 years of combined business experience, Reliance Wine and Liquor, Inc. launched to reach out to the consumers nationwide. We know fine wine and what is important to customers. Customers appreciate an amazing product at a great price. We hand-select our wines and look for great flavor that has a full bouquet of aromas and tastes. We look for and purchase wines from every region of the world. Whether you enjoy Pinot Gris from Alsace, Pinot Noir from the Côte-d'Or, Cabernet from Tuscany, or a Malbec from Argentina, we have it. We look at wineries worldwide and select only the best winemakers with long-standing reputations of delivering fine wine. In order to understand fine wine, you must understand what goes into making fine wine. Having learned about the winemaking process, we understand that grape selection, fermentation, and the aging process all factor into a great wine. Through that understanding, we choose some of the best wines to be featured at fantastic prices.

Whether you choose to shop online or visit our store, we guarantee a vast selection of wines at 21% off of the retail price. Great wine shouldn’t come at a high price. Preview our selection here, order your favorite wine from the comfort of your home, or stop into our store for a wine tasting event and browse our selection of over 4,000 fine wines.

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